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About Luthier Alexander Vassalos

From a young age I have always been curious about how technology works around us. Being born into the 21 century everything seemingly interfaces by magic—I remember when the first cellphone was a luxury good and now the average phone has more computing power than NASA had in the early Apollo missions. I realized later in life that the evolving world is full of electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics so I decided on a practical career in accounting. The logic and complex system of record keeping is what I found the most interesting about the field but soon found out I did not enjoy the bureaucracy of the job. 

Later in life I have found to unite my interest into completely immersing myself in how an electric guitar works and how to build one with the best materials available. This path has combined the wonder and accomplishment of fully understanding how something works with the necessity of numbers and logical procedures that comes with accounting.


“What makes my guitars particularly unique is the fact that I am making a guitar out of a piece of wood while the big guys are making a guitar out of a piece of wood that needs to look like hundreds of guitars. This means I can take complete advantage of the wood grain and natural beauty of the materials.”

Alexander Vassalos

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“Made in the USA” means a lot of different things to a lot of people. From quality to providing USA jobs, consumers don’t take that statement lightly. For me “Made in the USA” conveys a sense a meaningfulness and pride in the work. I could have done a lot of things besides making guitars in the blue ridge mountains but that is what I have chosen. I am proud of my work and my freedom to do it within the country I live. As well as the eastern United States is a terrific place to be for lumber supply with mahogany/ rosewood from the south and figured maple from the north. My woodshop in Virginia is in a good location for weather, humidity, not to mention I am a native.  

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