Natural Finish with Purple Heart fretboard


  •     Graphtech Ratio tuners
  •     Graphtech Tusq nut
  •     Stainless steel frets
  •     Mother of pearl in lay dots
  •     Dual action truss rod
  •     x2 Titanium neck support
  •     Mahogany neck
  •     purple heart
  •     Mahogany body
  •     Frontier hand wound pickups
  •     Emerson oil in paper capacitor
  •     Emerson volume tone mod
  •     Dunlop super pots
  •      extremely figured top w/ curve
  •     Metal rectangular output jack
  • DISCLAIMER: thinnest warlock profile I will make. This is a great guitar if you are looking for an extremely thing neck

More info: 

The back and neck materials are both mahoganies respectively made with one slab each. The body is chambered (hollowed out) for weight and balance reasons. The fingerboard is made from Purple Heart known for its density and longevity.

The hardware is all luthier picked for the best results

The tuning pegs are graph tech ratio tuners for keeping good tune and having equal gear tension on each string

The nut is also from Graphtec that in human-made replicant to ivory, the frets are stainless steel which will last much longer than classic nickel frets

The bridge is Gotoh which is a company that specializes in guitar hardware.

Both pickups were hand-wound by me with alnico 5 magnets on the neck and alnico 2 magnets on the bridge. they are wound in reverse direction/reverse polarity so it will add humbucking in the middle position.

Going into the harness (the knobs and switches)

The potentiometers are Dunlop-enclosed pots that provide a smooth feel and accurate volume/tone control from 1-10 (some guitars have pots that are only very good from 4-10)

Both capacitors are Emerson custom-made in Oklahoma- these capacitors store and dispense stored energy controlled by the tone switch to add and detract how heavy the distortion comes into the guitar's sound. I also have a volume mod so rolling up and down the volume will not affect the tone (a problem in most guitars).


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